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There’s no reason why homeowners should fret over buying a new home; with Wilkes-Barre’s great mortgage rates, the prices are competitive and affordable for families of all financial backgrounds. Here at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc., we offer personalized service, a knowledgeable team of mortgage lenders, and a variety of loan options to fit your family’s budget. With a variety of loan options, including Conventional, FHA, VA, and Fannie Mae loans, our mortgage lenders are excited to offer Wilkes-Barre’s lowest mortgage rates.

We at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. understand that going through the loan process can be difficult and time-consuming, two main factors for why people are afraid to move forward with their financial goals. That is why we offer customized service plans that are tailored toward our customers’ exact needs. Our goal is to offer Wilkes-Barre’s lowest home mortgage rates, which we do through a simplified process that avoids common pitfalls. Our lenders take advantage of the current market conditions, being aggressive from the start. Not only is it our job to get deliver Wilkes-Barre’s great mortgage rates, but we also get the best purchase prices and minimal down payments.

Besides being the number one source for FHA loans, our company is committed to helping our customers from every angle, which is why we offer refinancing, debt consolidation, and customized plans for first time homebuyers. We understand that we’re not just selling home mortgage rates in Wilkes-Barre, but an important service that will change the lives of our customers. For these reasons, our mortgage lenders strive to be professional and knowledgeable when working with each case.

We urge our customers to take advantage of Wilkes-Barre’s great mortgage rates, which is why we offer a variety of useful tools directly on our website. Here, customers can budget using our mortgage calculators, as well as review our available loan options and request free quotes that offer low Wilkes-Barre home mortgage rates. Giving customers these options allows them to get Wilkes-Barre’s lowest mortgage rates and start planning for the future.

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